Happy Holidays!

The ones that make everything possible
We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for a wonderful year. Your support in this past year has meant a lot to us, especially when we had a water main issue that resulted in closure for more than two weeks. Welcoming us back into Chinatown with open arms
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2012: A Look Back

Christmas lights at Nom Wah
We hope that everyone had a safe and enjoyable new year! The past year has brought us a lot of fantastic moments, with film/video spotlights and community sponsorships. We wanted to take a brief moment to look back at 2012 (in a not so chronological order) to see how far
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Shine Bright Like a Nocturnal Sign!

Nom Wah at night
In celebration of James and Karla Murray’s latest book, New York Nights, The New York Times highlighted several of the city’s photographed signs after dusk from a variety of neighborhoods. Check out the slideshow by clicking through here! For a copy of the book, be sure to take a look
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What is 168 Bowery?

Looking inside 168 Bowery
If you’re a foodie or a fan of either us or Openhouse Gallery, then you’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about this pop-up space at Bowery and Kenmare from local sources and even Zagat! So scroll on below to take a look at some exclusive photos of the space
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Wilson’s Guide to Doyers Street

Doyers Street
What is there to do on Doyers street (aside from dim sum, of course)? Nom Wah’s Wilson shares three of his top picks of the Bloody Angle. As a restaurant owner in Chinatown and a lifelong Lower Manhattan resident, I wanted to write a few words to encourage people to
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What We’re Thankful For

Dim sum galore!
We wanted to take a moment this week to let out customers know for what we are grateful. Granted, there are many things that we could list, but we want to touch upon the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. To everyone that participated in #dineoutNYC – an initiative to help in
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Sometimes It’s Just the Little Things

We opened up our mail this morning and noticed this little goodie from the folks at Foursquare! Big thanks to everyone who has stopped by to help us be acknowledged – it’s the little things that really let us know that we’re on the right track for all things social
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New York Times: Downtown Needs Diners

Bye Bye Sandy (Brian Harkin for The New York Times)
It’s post-hurricane Sandy and those of us that have power and have seen little damage to their homes are incredibly fortunate, as many are still left without power and face considerable damage to not only their homes, but also neighborhoods. We call the restaurant our home and are lucky to
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Method Man and Freddie Gibbs at Nom Wah

From Method Man and Freddie Gibbs' 'Built for This'
After a hard day’s work of filming in Chinatown for their latest music video, “Built for This,” for the Man with the Iron Fists soundtrack, hip hop artist Method Man and rapper Freddie Gibbs stopped in at Nom Wah to munch on some delicious dim sum. Check out the finished
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Deep Fried Ghosts for Brooklyn’s City Reliquary

Deep fried ghosts!
This past weekend, we were glad to help out a great local Brooklyn non-profit – City Reliquary - with a donation of some “deep fried ghosts” to the 3rd annual Havermeyer Sugar Sweets Festival. We were excited to share the story of the youtiao (and the actual food, of course).
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