Nom Wah Kuai

As one of Canal Street Market’s premiere food hall vendors, Nom Wah Kuai delivers a new perspective on Chinese food ordered to-go. Named after the Chinese word for “fast,” Kuai synthesizes quality and efficiency for a fresh take on a storied cuisine.

With a specially curated menu of steamed dumplings and meal sets, Kuai caters to a variety of diets. Gluten-free and vegan options are readily available.

Rice bowl with crispy pork and vegetables at Nom Wah Kuai


Dim Sum

Shrimp dumplings 5
Shrimp and snow pea dumplings 5
Chicken dumplings 5
Pork siu mai 5
Chicken siu mai 5
Steamed dumplings with one sauce of your choosing

Rice Bowl

Braised pork belly 13
Crispy chicken 11
Spicy tofu 11
Served with white or brown rice, tea egg, cabbage, pickles, preserved mustard tuber, and one sauce of your choosing


Chili 50¢
Sweet soy 50¢
Creamy sesame 50¢
Manchurian 50¢


Braised pork belly 7
Crispy chicken 6
Spicy tofu 6
Charred corn and bok choy salad with crispy garlic and sweet bean sauce 5
Garlic chili cucumbers 4
Rice 2