CYNONYC x Nom Wah: Retro T-Shirt Collaboration

Have you seen an old school delivery truck in your neighborhood lately? If you’ve spent time in SoHo and Chinatown over the last few weekends, chances are that the answer is “yes.” Well, that blue Ford F3 belongs to a new friend of ours, Lexton Moy of CYNONYC.

When we first met Lex, he told us about how he grew up down the street from us in New York’s Chinatown. After spending several years in Asia as a professional football player, Lex returned to his roots and founded CYNONYC. The name of the lifestyle brand is a play on the prefix Sino, referring to China, and the most common abbreviation for New York City—NYC. Pretty clever, right?

In our conversations, it quickly became clear that we would love to work together with this young local brand. Noting the unique silhouettes of his t-shirts, we felt that a collaboration in the form of a tee would be terrific idea. After all, it had been quite a few years (six, to be exact) since we’ve freshened up any of our apparel.

While we wanted to highlight a connection between our two brands in today’s Chinatown, it was also important to pay homage to both our connections to the past. Drawing on a vintage sign of ours for inspiration, Lex re-interpreted this piece of history as a retro print that we’d be stoked to wear today.

Don’t miss out on your chance to buy one of these shirts today and opportunity to support a young local Chinatown business.

Cheers to Lex and CYNONYC for this amazing collaboration and friendship! And if you’re wondering about who took the photos in this post and on the product page for the CYNONYC x Nom Wah shirt, the credit goes to NYC photographer Will Moy.

Vintage 1950 Ford F3 CYNONYC delivery truck; photo by Will Moy

Vintage 1950 Ford F3 delivery truck; photo by Will Moy

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