Nom Wah Nolita

Situated in New York’s Nolita neighborhood (“North of Little Italy”), Nom Wah Nolita is a fast-casual restaurant. Opened in September 2016, this location features self-service ordering systems, traditional steamed dumplings, and a new take on Chinese food. Blending Chinese flavors and American ideas, dishes take a forward-thinking approach. Rotating dishes, collaborations and specials compose the menu.

The laid back restaurant features artwork—anthropomorphic dumplings—by artists Sheryo and Yok.

Assortment of dumplings and sides at Nom Wah Nolita



Dim Sum

You Win Some, You Dim Sum

Scallion pancakes 5
Shrimp dumplings 5
Shrimp and snow pea dumplings 5
Shrimp and pork siu mai 5
Pork soup dumplings 5
Boiled or pan-fried chicken dumplings 5
Pan-fried shrimp and pork dumplings 5
Boiled shrimp and pork dumplings with bacon XO sauce 6


Every superhero needs one

Steamed ribs with char siu glaze 11
Cantonese-smoked chicken leg 6
Jiggly jellyfish salad 8
Turnt up turnip cakes 8
Taro ha$h cakes 7
Chinese greens 7
Fung tu’s kohlrabi salad 7
Drunken veggies (vegetables pickled in Tiger Beer) 7

Rice or Noodles

Carb your enthusiasm

Sloppy Cluckin’ Joe (miso and black bean-braised chicken)13
Mapo tofu (Szechuan-style braised tofu)12
The Sloppy Kim (Sloppy Cluckin’ Joe and mapo tofu) 14
Charred corn fried rice à la plancha 10
Ho fun noodle soup with Chinese greens 9
Cup o’ broth 5


You’re the bun I want

Steamed red bean buns 5
Steamed phoenix buns (salted duck egg custard) 5.5


Cold Bevvies

Black tea (sweetened or unsweetened) 3
Milk tea (sweetened or unsweetened) 4
Ginger lemonade 4
Asian Palmer 4
Coke/Diet Coke 2
Water/seltzer 2

Add coconut ginger froth to your ginger lemonade or Asian Palmer for 1.5

Beer and Wine

Grown-up drinks

House red wine (glass) 7
House white wine (glass) 7
Sake 12
Little beer 6
Big beer 7

Looking for a PDF version of the menu? Download here.