Nom Wah at Market 57

Originally built in 1907 as a shipping and storage terminal and reconstructed by the NYC Department of Marine and Aviation in 1952, Pier 57 is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The space was redeveloped and re-opened in 2023 as a vibrant destination by a partnership between Hudson River Park Trust, Google, RXR Realty, Youngwoo & Associates, and Jamestown. Within this complex is Market 57, a food hall curated under the guidance and mentorship of The James Beard Foundation.

At this location, we serve an assortment of dumplings, ranging from the traditional chicken and cabbage to a vegan mix of edamame and mushrooms to a gluten-free option. Additional options, echoing a second-generation sentimentality, will make appearances to round out the menu.

Spread of dumplings available at Market 57 (credit: Theo and Lotte)



8-piece dim sum set

Pick two options below

Crispy vegetable spring rolls
Scallion pancakes
Pork soup dumplings
Chicken soup dumplings

8-piece dim sum set


Pan-fried pork and shrimp dumplings
Pan-fried chicken and cabbage dumplings
Steamed chicken and cabbage dumplings

8-piece dim sum set


Shrimp siu mai
Pan-fried chive, pork, and shrimp dumplings
Edamame and Chinese chive dumplings


Carb your enthusiasm

Pan-fried noodles with crispy chicken 14
Pan-fried noodles with char siu pork 16
Pan-fried noodles with sweet chili tofu 14


What a-bao it?

Sweet chili tofu buns 10
Char siu pork buns 10
Crispy chicken buns 10


You’re the bun I want

Steamed red buns 7
Peach buns 7

Grown-up bevvies

Hard seltzer and beer

Lunar lychee hard seltzer 8
Lunar passion fruit hard seltzer 8
Tsingtao 8
Tiger Beer 8

Non-alcoholic drinks

Bevvies for all

Ginger lemonade 6
Apple Sidra 4
Water 2.5
Soda 2.5

Need to know what’s gluten-free-, vegetarian-, or vegan-friendly? Take a look at our PDF menu.