You bring the appetite, and we’ll bring the dumplings. We currently offer catering in New York City for personal and business events. Let us know what you have in mind for your next event via our catering form below, and we’ll work together to help make it happen!

Allbirds dumplings


Catering Menu

Current offerings

Dim Sum (30 pieces per pan)
Chicken and cabbage dumplings  45
Edamame dumplings (vegan) 50
Pork and shrimp dumplings 45
Pork and shrimp siu mai 45
Scallion pancakes (vegan) 45
Shrimp siu mai 50
Turnip cakes 50
Vegetable spring rolls (vegan) 45

Buns (20 pieces per pan)
Crispy chicken buns 60
Peking duck buns 80
Shiitake mushroom buns (vegan) 80

Mains (serves 8–10 persons)
Chinese Greens (can be made vegan) 60
Miso-braised chicken noodles 80
Szechuan tofu noodles (vegetarian) 80
Shrimp chow mein 100
Chinese sausage chow mein 85
Crispy chicken chow mein 80
Vegetable chow mein (vegetarian) 80
Shrimp fried rice 80
Chinese sausage fried rice 75
Crispy chicken fried rice 70
Egg fried rice (vegetarian) 60
White rice (vegan) 30

Desserts (20 pieces per pan)
Red bean bun 35
Lotus bun 35

Hot Chinese tea (with tea pot rental; requires staff on-site)
Beer/wine (by case)

On-site chef and staff
Tea specialist and demonstration
Dumpling making classes 
Custom menus



Gluten-free offerings

Dim Sum (30 pieces per pan)
Chive, pork, and shrimp dumplings 50
Edamame dumplings (vegan) 50
Chicken and cabbage dumplings 50



Mains (serves 8–10 persons)
Chinese greens (can be made vegan) 60
Szechuan tofu noodles (vegan) 80
Miso-braised chicken noodles 80
Shrimp fried rice 80
Egg fried rice (vegetarian) 70
White rice (vegan) 30


Standard (serves 15–20 persons), 389.5
Chicken and cabbage dumplings (30 pieces)
Pan-fried pork and shrimp dumplings (30 pieces)
Edamame dumplings (vegan) (30 pieces)
Peking duck bun (20 pieces)
Miso-braised chicken noodles (1 pan)
Egg fried rice (vegetarian) (1 pan)
Chinese greens with oyster sauce (1 pan)

Vegan (serves 15–20 persons), 408.5
Edamame dumplings (30 pieces)
Scallion pancakes (30 pieces)
Vegetable spring rolls (30 pieces)
Shiitake mushroom buns (20 pieces)
Szechuan tofu noodles (2 pans)
Chinese greens (1 pan)

Gluten-free (serves 15–20 persons), 399
Chicken and cabbage dumplings (30 pieces)
Chive, pork, and shrimp dumplings (30 pieces)
Edamame dumplings (vegan) (30 pieces)
Egg fried rice (vegetarian) (1 tray)
Miso-braised chicken noodles (1 tray)
Szechuan tofu noodles (vegan) (1 tray)
Chinese greens (vegan) (1 tray)


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